Mad Agriculture works with an incredible network of stewards and community partners across the nation to bring the revolution to life.

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Beyond our services of Mad Capital, Mad Markets & Mad Lands, we bring a place based approach to working in different regions and have a number partnerships & programs we are proud to share.


  • Restore Colorado → Restore Colorado is a public-private collaboration to improve resilience and tackle climate change through food and healthy soil on local farms and ranches. With support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and its Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production, Mad Agriculture is collaborating with Boulder County, Zero Foodprint, and other local governments to engage with and build connections between the agricultural and restaurant communities.

  • Colorado Grain Revival → Mad Agriculture works with regional partners across Colorado’s Front Range to increase the adoption of ancient and heritage grains in local and regional markets. Rare and diverse breeds of grains are being trialed and cultivated by master seedsman, Rich Pecoraro, at MASA Seed Foundation in Boulder. Check out our Grain Revival Guide to learn more.


  • Jubilee Justice → Jubilee Justice and Mad Agriculture  are value-aligned organizations who have supported one another in a co-learning journey. Mad Agriculture has traveled to Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi to help support and strengthen the Jubilee Justice mission and regenerative agriculture adoption across their network of growers. Jubilee Justice is empowering Black farmers to become the leaders of regenerative agriculture. They focus on adopting the system of rice intensification (SRI) production as the avenue for catalyzing change.

  • Mad Ag has shared its curriculum and frameworks and has supported their continued work to improve their soils in rice crop production through rotations and encourage the scaling of their operation. We have provided resources to farmers in their network related to farm design, planning and action. 


  • Perennial Promise Growers Cooperative → Perennial Promise is a farmer-owned co-op that supports growers of Kernza by aggregating high-quality reliable supply, providing agronomic expertise, and assisting in market development. Mad Agriculture has partnered with Perennial Promise to develop a crop marketing strategy for this innovative and climate-beneficial crop.

New Mexico

  • Quivira Coalition → In 2020-2022 Mad Ag partnered with the Quivira Coalition and CSU-COMET to strengthen our ability to deliver technical assistance to farmers and ranchers. As recipients of a Conservation Collaboration Grant, we created five farm plans along with a curriculum to share with partner organizations, government agencies and those who wish to support farmers and ranchers on their regenerative journey in agriculture. This work has spanned across farms and ranches in New Mexico, Colorado and California.

New York

  • Dairy Farm Transition → Mad Agriculture is working with Miyoko’s Dairy Farm Transition Program to develop markets for former dairy farms transitioning to regenerative specialty cropping systems in the North East. Dairy Farm Transition provides new opportunities to dairy producers who want to explore alternative farming enterprises. Their goal is to decrease the barriers to farm-level innovation by paving an independent path forward. 


  • Transitioning Pennsylvania Dairies → The goal of this project is to build the community, training, and markets that farmers will need to transition from confinement dairy models that rely on annual crops for feed towards grazing dairy models that rely on perennial, deep-rooted pastures. The project area is targeted to Lancaster County, eastern PA and across the northern piedmont. PASA Sustainable Agriculture leads this project with support from TEAM Ag, Kitchen Table Consultants, Origin Milk, Rodale Institute and Mad Agriculture. Mad Ag is providing resources and guidance to support TEAM Ag’s creation of farm plans.

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