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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

November 30, 2020

Written by

Tanner Starbard

Photo by

Josh Addison

Gifts between us

A table full of laughter 

Mouthful of smiles

 with a roasted squash on the way 

Purple sun peers through the rafters 

Left or right for miles

Are pastures where coyotes play 

Food in the belly

Bugsound in the air

A sandwich from the deli

With plants grown over there

Good food grown well

It’s what I want to eat 

It’s what I want to share

It’s what I want to help create 

Nature created so many gifts 

For humans and all her creatures 

Let us enjoy them 

And give her gifts of our own

We are clever and mighty 

Creators in our way

How beautiful can this life be

When we set out to make it so?

I want every bite to taste like a summer garden

I want every step to be a portal to photograph 

I want every breath to be crisp and full

I want to drink through my skin in the River

I want to watch the birds dance 

I want to hear the rabbits laugh

I want my nose to fill with rainsmell

I want my hands to disappear in flowers

I want my feet to melt into place

So I plant and tend 

So I look with love

So I stand in snow 

I have tasted too much

I have seen enough

I have felt so clearly

I have witnessed what I can

I have been too immersed in the magic of the moment 

To turn back

To run away 

To want less

Let me listen

Let me soften

Let me slow down 

Give me signs 

Give me strength 

Give me seeds

The world is more beautiful than we know 

And we’re always learning how to witness her 

Love places 

Love people 

Love it all 

And be loved

Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 4


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