The Journal

Journal Issue 11


This issue features stories from Alaskan kelp to high altitude to viticulture to turning prescribed prairie burning into art to building a farmer-first beef economy. We share stories from the front lines of food and agriculture told by farmers, chefs, and journalists to elevate agriculture into art.

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Photo by Brendan Davis

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Photo by Joshua Duplechian

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Photo by KiliIi Yuyan

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The Journal is a place to showcase the art of the new agrarian culture. Through writing, photography, poetry, and more, this is where the culture, the nuance, the observations and the science can come together and just be.

If you have a story, poem, or any other original creative work that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please write a short pitch describing your story idea or creative piece, and why it might be a good fit for The Journal.

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