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Mad! Sweatshirt


We worked with Colorado local artist Bobby Peavey to create a limited edition, sustainable sweatshirt. Made from 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton, this unisex sweatshirt was created to celebrate Mad Ag’s wild side. To embrace biodiversity is to embrace abundance. A nod to the idea that sometimes more is more. 

Buying this merch directly supports our mission to catalyze a regenerative revolution in agriculture. 


Unisex - runs small. 

100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton. This material represents innovation, with zero synthetic fibers or microplastics. Instead of using offcuts from existing garments, this cotton sweatshirt comes from debris, dirt and cotton fibers leftover from the industry’s yarn manufacturing process. This conserves water and energy, eliminates the use of virgin resources, and has a hyperlocal supply chain.

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