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Mad Lands

Omar de Kok-Mercado

Midwest Regional Manager

Omar (he/him), a creative soul born amidst the vibrant culture and lush landscapes of Puerto Rico, has always had a deep connection with the earth. His rich ancestry links back to generations of farmers, seeding in him a passion that has traveled across continents and decades. His life journey has taken him from the dynamic landscapes of the Netherlands to the fertile soils of the Midwest in the United States. Omar’s work has focused on supporting regenerative farmers in incorporating perennials into their farming systems. His philosophy embraces the wisdom of traditional practices and the power of creative imagination. Blending his technical expertise in soil science and agroecology with his artistic sensibilities he makes complex concepts accessible and inspiring. This unique blend has had a transformative impact on the agricultural landscapes he’s worked with, enhancing both productivity and farmer livelihoods. Presently, Omar manages a grazing operation in the enchanting Driftless Region of Wisconsin.

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