peter healy

Mad Lands

Peter Healy

Director of Mad! Lands

With a background in environmental science, Peter has spent years of professional and personal time in service to the land.  He worked as farm labor on a small scale organic operation in CO and managed farmers markets and addressed food insecurity head on in CA. He’s worked with tobacco, corn, and soy growers in TN and KY to incorporate indigo into their crop rotation, to fix nitrogen and replenish their land and to support the production of plant based denim dye.

He’s lived on three different continents and aspires to never run a marathon. He’s slept in homeless shelters, abandoned buildings, and on the ground next to a glacier. He’s taught yoga to inmates and highschoolers, and turned human waste into nutrient dense compost. He has an insatiable appetite for new and uncomfortable immersions and his desire to venture outside of his comfort zone has turned him into an adaptable, empathetic, and curious sentient being.

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