At its core, regenerative agriculture is about giving more than we take. That same principle can be applied to any aspect of our surrounding ecosystem, including both human and natural resources, our communities, and the capital resources that are needed to maintain a business.

Regenerative agriculture is an alternative approach to conventional and industrial agriculture that instead values diversity in all its forms, quality over quantity, interbeing, farmer empowerment, true wealth and more—all driven by the goal of restoring health to the land and the people who walk it.

Regenerative agriculture itself is not new. It is a part of the ancient story that Indigenous communities around the globe have been telling for centuries—that we can and should live in reciprocity with the Earth and with each other. Many of the practices that Western scientists and agronomists now group under the umbrella of regenerative agriculture originate from a wide array of culturally-embedded ways of understanding the land.

The revolution that we are building started long ago, and is rooted in the knowledge and traditions of the wisdom keepers that guide us in our mission.

Outcomes of Regeneration

Ecological Wealth

We envision a future food system teeming with biodiversity both above and below ground—one where ecosystem services are valued spiritually and monetarily, and land stewardship is incentivized and rewarded.

Farmer Wellbeing

We are creating an agricultural system that gives to the farmer and the land more than it takes.

Measurable & Scalable Impact

We see data and science as powerful tools for helping farmers, consumers, and other drivers of the movement to make decisions in the best interest of people and the planet.

Community & Culture

We believe in the power of community to create a vast network of support for the farmers we work with.

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How do we create a revolution in agriculture?

Mad Ag has six core principles

There is a new story in all of this.

There are many paths to regeneration, Mad Ag has compiled a curriculum around our approach.

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