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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

June 01, 2019

Written by

Clark Harshbarger

Photo by

Jordan Perkins

Farming is good fences

Farming is sacrifice

Farming is listening, observing and doing what is right

Farming is peaceful 

Farming is quiet, but not absent of sound

Farming is good clean water

Farming is respect for things that are greater than us and for the things that will be here long past our journey

Farming is love

Farming is love for all things that are living, for things that were once living, and for things that never lived

Farming is having compassion for an animal that was harvested so that the cycle can continue

Farming is a way of life it is survival it is a existence

Farming is knowing that the cost of an animal is nothing, yet everything at the same time

Farming is sharing

Farming is giving more than we take

Farming is listening more than we talk

Farming is the insects, the wood rats and the beavers

Farming is seed

Farming is soil

Farming is the forest, the pasture and the wetlands

Farming is the hay that we put up

Farming is the grass that is in rest that is not taken

Farming is the cover crop which provides more than we could ever see

Farming is a wire

Farming is a footstep

Farming is a life

Farming is living a life that inspires

Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 1


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