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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

June 08, 2021

Written by

Rebecca Stumpf

Photos by

Rebecca Stumpf

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​​In the fall of 2019, I began working on a personal project exploring the topic of food sovereignty - sharing the visual stories of those working to fortify our food system. Through all the historic and catastrophic events that came along with 2020, the evolution of this project waxed and waned. But despite all the emotional and physical setbacks of this past year, one thing that continued to stick with me was the importance of those that work to conserve our land and water – the most precious resource we have, and one we cannot live without. ‘Rewilding, Remembering’ is an ongoing project, one that I will continue to explore as we navigate our changing earth, and our connection to our land, food, air, water, and soils.

The incredibly important work of MASA Seed Foundation in Boulder, Colorado, photographed in summer of 2020, exemplifies the heart of the project: what we are doing to rewild our land and remember our roots. 

A huge part of MASA Seed Foundation’s work is education. Included in their vision is a solution-driven educational model linking its curriculums to MASA’s ongoing daily activities from their seed bank to their classroom to their farm, while supporting “co production” agriculture and community-driven permaculture projects, of which could not be done without the help of volunteers. Without education there is no such thing as food sovereignty.

For more images from the project, MASA Seed Foundation and others, please visit:

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Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 5


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