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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

November 01, 2019

Written by

Clark Harshbarger

Photo by

Will Sardinsky

Food and fiber.

Farmer and rancher.

Music player and dancer.

An innocent woman and her romancer.

Does life really need to provide you with all the answers?

Yet questions arise like the sun each day.

And each day is increasingly more significant in ones life.

And we are asked to oblige.

And to take steps.

So take the time to ask the universe of its intention.

And be able to stay quiet enough, in order to listen.

Dare to stare into open landscapes.

And into the heavens at night.

Don’t hesitate to “go it alone”

Spend moments, hours and days without checking your phone.

Seek the unknown.

Live without greed.

Bury your ego so it can blossom into peace in your life.

Discover yourself doing the work you are called to do along your journey.

Show others only what you know to be true.

Please ask if you need a hand.

Honor the land. Love the mountains and the Plains.

And watermelons and their multitude of veins.

Their taste is like the feeling of one day taking over the reins.

I wonder what it feels like to touch an Ocelot’s mane?

Try and embrace the rain.

And to remember, we humans are only one small part of a larger domain.

Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 2


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