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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

November 01, 2019

Written by

Tanner Starbard

Photos by

Will Sardinsky

Good is happening

Lest we forget

To smile and laugh and play

To revel in nature

Doom and Despair 

Feast on our misery

Thrive on the story of malady

Perish in the persistence of Good

Good is happening

And we are in it

Away from it

Happening because of us 

and nonetheless

Urban food deserts into gardens

Make the poor, rich 

New wealth, again

Is abundant nutrition

Little patch of prairie 

Sits patiently by

With soil like chocolate cake

Amidst the industrial farms

An old fence fell 

Yet the cows stayed home

Greener pastures

Are already here

A man walked by

Right across my lawn

Good evening I said

And it was

Somewhere in the woods

The plains 

The desert

A worm eats lunch

Good is happening 

Sometimes we see it 

Sometimes we don’t

If good happens in nature 

and no one is around…

Not all is right 

Soil, water, roots

Washed away 

In a flood 

Swept away like filth

A lifeless pile of dirt 

Soaked in fake life and real death 

Earth molting 

Clear cuts and dead zones 

Same same sameness

Riverbeds cemented over 

Humans control Nature! 

Almost there!

Cut that down!

The future is sterile!

Maximum dominance.

A sprout pokes out 

From a concrete crack

Widened by snow

Started by moving earth

It grows taller

Towards the sun

Roots deeper and wider

Making fissures in the pavement 

By now, the new is gone

Maintenance was too much

No longer could plants die

To keep the cement clean

Shade of tree

Smell of grass 

Ants carry sticks

Such a simple joy

Good is happening

It never went away

We yelled and stomped 

We turned our backs

We thought we scared it off

When it went around the corner 

But good has other plans 

And deep roots

Good is happening 

It’s a sprout 

A tree

A shaded stream

Lay quietly 

Or sing with all your might 

And you have found it

And let it free 

Good is happening 

The Wild is coming home

Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 2


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