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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

July 08, 2022

Written by

Mona Esposito

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Sophia Piña-McMahon

Summer is here with all of its bounty. Pies and galettes are a great way to stay on top of your fruits and veggies and this pastry dough recipe can be used for both savory and sweet!

Pie dough is also a great introduction to using whole grains in your pantry. Simply substitute whole wheat flour for pastry flour- Sonoran White is a great choice. You can also play around a bit with flavors and blend two flours with Sonoran being the main player and something like Einkorn or Emmer – which add extra flavor – being secondary. Try 2/3 Sonoran and 1/3 your choice!

If you are a baker or have a friend that is, try adding discarded sourdough starter from your feeds (kept in the fridge). It will add a depth of flavor and increase the digestibility of the wheat.


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100% Whole Grain Fermented Pie Dough

Makes 2, 12 inch pie crusts


300g Sonoran White flour

8 0z butter

60g sourdough starter discard

1 teaspoon salt

½ cup water


Freeze the butter. Grate butter into flour and salt mixture and distribute evenly. Mix the starter with the water. Add starter to flour butter mixture mixing by hand, until dough comes together.

Divide in two and wrap in plastic in the shape of a disc and refrigerate overnight (up to 24 hours) before use.

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Savory Leek Galette

Makes enough filling for 2!


2 bunches kale, stems stripped

2 bunches chard, stems stripped

2 eggs, beaten

1 leek, chopped 

onion, chopped

1 ½ cup Gruyere, grated

Salt and pepper


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Blanch greens in boiling salted water, drain, cool and squeeze out water. Chop greens. Saute leek and onions in olive oil or butter until translucent and soft. Let cool. Combine greens, leeks and onions. Add eggs and seasonings to taste. Mix in cheese. Roll out pie crust to ¼ inch thickness, add filling and fold edges over filling. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or un - til golden.

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Whole Grain Flour Sources:

Aspen Moon Farm

Moxie Feed & Seed

Dry Storage Mill

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Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 7


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