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Grain Revival

The Grain Revival Guide is an evolving, holistic, and comprehensive collection of resources on the Front Range grain revival movement.

Grains 101

Grains are the lifeblood of kitchens and communities around the world. Find out how these staple foods are revolutionizing systems from those that take, to those that abundantly give.


Are you a grain grower or interested in becoming one? Learn more about ancient and heritage grain production in the Front Range and see data from the 2021 grain trials here.


Ancient and heritage grains are tasty and in demand. As a brand or small business-owner, find out how to buy these grains for your products and why they are important for your customers.


Breaking Bread

Grains are foods that have stood the test of time, having held a place at tables across cultures and cuisines for thousands of years. Sharing a loaf of bread or a dish of pasta with others remains a deeply grounding experience for many. If you’re curious about ancient and heritage grains and want to make them a part of your next meal, here’s how.

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It starts with a seed and ends around the table. We encourage you to be curious about the different parts of the grain chain and dive into the ones that interest you! Click the diagram here to expand it, examine each stage of the process, and learn more about where your food comes from. Still curious? Head over to our Grains 101 page to learn more about ancient and heritage grains and how they can benefit the environment, your health, and the community.


Consumer Resources


Check out our Grain Revival Recipe Series for ideas about how to use ancient and heritage flours! We are constantly evaluating the nutritional and functional qualities of different varieties of grain for breads, pastas, pastries, and other things of delicious nature.

Grain Revival Recipes


Ancient and heritage grains are different from the ones you’ll find in most items at your local grocery store. From their stories to benefits on human and environmental health and improving livelihoods, learn what makes these grains unique via resources like the Colorado Grain Chain. Feel free to view and print our grain revival educational poster too to have on hand and share with others who are curious about grain!

Educational Poster

Get Involved

There are a number of ways for active citizens to get involved in the grain revival through the Colorado Grain Chain. Whether you are looking to get your hands in the soil, take a cooking class from a grain aficionado, or participate in community conversations—find ways to engage below.

Participation Opportunities

Where to Buy

This map showcases the many players in our grain revival community—farms, businesses, and individuals working to strengthen the grain economy across the Front Range. 

The map is divided into five categories: farms, mills, bakeries, restaurants, and CPGs. Whether you are looking to get your hands on some freshly milled flour, pick out a new dinner spot, or see where your grains come from, follow the contact links to find grains and learn more.

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