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The Mad Agriculture Journal

Published on

November 12, 2021

Written by

Elizabeth Candelario

Photos by

Jane Cavagnero

Perennial Promise is a newly incorporated, farmer-owned co-op that supports growers of emerging perennial staple crops. The co-op is launching with Kernza by aggregating high-quality reliable supply, providing agronomic expertise, and assisting in market development. Mad Agriculture has partnered with Perennial Promise to develop the crop marketing strategy for this innovative and climate-beneficial crop and will be representing the majority of the Kernza production in the USA.

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Kernza is the first commercially available perennial grain crop in the United States, and is in early stages of market development. In perennial production systems, continuous soil coverage greatly reduces soil erosion and minimizes the need for tillage and herbicide applications. Farmers growing Kernza have the potential to sequester more carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as its extensive root system pumps carbon into the soil and prevents nutrient leaching to waterways and the gaseous production of nitrous oxide - a potent greenhouse gas. 

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Kernza’s success in the marketplace will accelerate adoption of regenerative agriculture, provide increased profitability to farmers and economic develop- ment to rural communities, and provide a delicious and nutritious alternative to commercial grain crops. Farming in nature’s image benefits everything. 

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The Mad Agriculture Markets program connects organic and regenerative farmers to values-aligned buyers to improve farm profitability and leverage the marketplace to drive adoption of regenerative practices. Our services include origination and production contracting, ingredient brokerage, and supply chain optimization. 

Originally published in
Mad Agriculture Journal Issue 6


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